These days you hear everyone talking about Feng Shui and its ease and effectiveness! people often ask me whether Feng Shui is the only thing that influences a person’s luck.The answer is definite ‘No’! but of course, i would not hesitate to say that Feng Shui correction,is the easiest way to enhance your personal luck!. There is a great philosophy behind this,called the ‘Trinity of luck’. There are three types of luck (1)Heaven luck (2) Earth luck (3)Mankind luck.Heaven luck is the luck you are born with i.e the influences of stars and planets on your destiny or the retribution or reward you receive for your deeds of your past life’s.This type of luck is difficult to change.Mankind luck that you draw,by really work hard and devotion and dedication i.e. ‘KARMA’.This is the general assumption that each person would do his best.Earth luck is the luck which you draw from the places you live and work in. This part of the trinity of luck is the easiest to correct and can ve totally turned in your favor! This is where Feng Shui comes in The most followed school (system) in Feng Shui is the compass school which is mainly based on the combination of the ‘Lo-shu’- Feng Shui is a very deep and vast.Here am with few golden ways to correct the vastu Front Door Should not Face a Toilet. The location of a toilet in a house is very important as it is a negative area.There should be no toilet facing the main door of the house. If there is a toilet opposite the main door,its door should be changed immediately. This can be done by closing the toilet door, and making the entrance to the toilet from another wall or another room.
If this change is not possible you can have solid barrier between th front door and toilet,which will prevent the good energy entering through the main door,from draining down to toilet.Make sure that the barrier should be solid enough.A curtain as a barrier will not do. Another defect is to have toilet in close proximity of the main door.In this case,the bad energy from the toilet mixes with the good energy entering from the main door. The correction is to shift the door of the toilet to any other side,away from the main door.


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Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is regarded  as one of the gods of wealth, yes its usually kept for money, The Buddha always carry money
in his hand and thats the sign on earning wealth.It brings brings prosperity, success and financial gains in the house. The location
of placing the laughing Buddha is very important.It has to sit at 30″ approximate height and should be facing directly to the main door
The energy that enters the house from the main door is greeted by the Laughing Buddha and the energy is activated, and turns
highly prosperous.
If this location is not possible, the next best place to keep the Buddha is on a side table or a corner table which
is diagonally opposite to front door or facing the door.It is not advisable to keep the Buddha in th bed room or dinning room.This god
of wealth is not for worship or pray but just display, as its presence is purely symbolic and auspicious.

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The cow is considered as a holy animal in India and Nepal.People worship the cow and this animal hold a special place in the hearts of the people In Feng-Shui,the wish-fulfilling cow is symbolic of good descedants luck.Very few people know the siginificance of the cow.In fact,Buddhism teaches us that cow has the power to transform our wishes in to reality if we treat it witj kindness and also if we do not eat beef(cow’s meat).In office to enhance good fortune you can display the cow sitting on bed of coins and ignots anywhere on your desk.At home you can display the wish-granting cow is the South-East sector to energise wealth luck.As the name suggests the wish-granting cow is symbolic of a person’s wishes being fulfilled.It should only be used by people who do not consume beef

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The Celestial Dragon

The dragon is one of the oldest of all symbolic animals and is

considered the bringer of wealth and celestial dignity. it is

revered as a her alder of good tidings and abundance. it is

ambitious and symbolizes an ever present drive and

determination.The imperial Dragon signifies power and forges

ahead, no matter what the obstacles are, it will not let any

opportunity to pass by.The guardianship qualities of the

Dragon is so infinite that this benevolent and faithful creature

pledges its life to protect its owner from harm.It is entrusted to

protect the land of the gods,and is unarguably the most

powerful seat of power and bestows infinite authority over its

possessor and most suitable for all those in management

position.The Dragon,symbol of vigilance and safeguard,is the

spirit of change,like life itself.The Dragon of fame and fortune is

believed to bring luck as he coils and moves through your

life.Holding the pearl of prosperity in its talon, the dragon is

always come addition in any house/office.It is said that this

Dragon is always ready to help anyone who needs it.The pearl

in its claw is said to hold untold riches,not only in the form of

physical wealth,but also happiness and wisdom.

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Dragon for Good Luck

The Dragon is symbol of excellent energy.You can energies

your office by keeping the model of the Dragon on the east

side of your office.The east is the direction associated with the

celestial creature.The element of east is good,hence a Dragon

carved out of wood is very good.You may even use Dragon

made of ceramic or crystal,but don’t keep metal ones because

metal destroys the wood element of the east.The dragon is the

symbol of tremendous Yang energy.Hence it is very good to

display pictures dragons in the east of

restaurant,shops,departmental stores etc.wherever lot of

energy and movement is desirable.Avoid the display of the

dragon model,or its pictures in the bedrooms because these

are places where we intend to give rest to our tired bodies,and

there,a symbol as yang as the dragon,is not desirable

guys and gals if you to have knowledge about Feng Shui or

have any experience then please feel free to write your post

and comments.

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Windchimes are an excellent source of enhancing good luck

in the house.The numb of rods in windchimes and the material

by which the a windchime is made are important.You are not

suppose to hang windchimes, anywhere,in a home.The

location is extremely important.The best place to hang a

six-rod windchime is in the North-West corner of your living

room,since the governing element of this corner is metal and

windchimes are symbolic of metal.They are used to enhance

good luck and to reduce bad luck.If you want to deflect a

poison arrow,you should use five -rod windchime and it also

suppresses bad luck.A seven-rod windchime can be hung in

the west zone of the house.
Phoenix for Success

The Pheonix is one of the celestial animal of Feng Shui and

Chinese mythology.It symbolizes the luck of wish

fulfillment.The Phoenix is very effective in activating the south

corner.To energize your luck,look for symbols,paintings or

picture of the phoenix,and affix those on the south corner of

your office.The phoenix image at a distance on the south also

symbolizes farsightedness,which is essential for any

intelligent businessman.

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Bamboos for Luck

Bamboo plant are considered a very important symbol of

longevity in Feng Shui.Bamboo represent strong growth even

in the midst
of the adverse circumstance . The bamboo plant symbolizes

long life and good health. It can be gifted also for

marriages.The bamboo
plant also symbolizes good fortune.Hence one can energize

your office or home with a picture of bamboo plant or the real

stem.Hanging a bamboo stem in a retail shop can create good

protection for your shop, the business can survive in harsh

Bamboos can be tied with red thread on the wall,opposite the

main entry of the shop.They should be open at both ends and

can be
approximately six-inch to eight-inch long.

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